MASTERING compositioin + Cinematography with Will Smith

We cover composition and framing techniques for filmmaking, the aesthetic of beauty, the rule of thirds, headroom, leadroom, and more.

Canon 60D

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How to Learn Filmmaking FAST! – Without Film School

We outline a 30 day plan to learn filmmaking on your own, without film school. We touch on everything from…

  • Camera settings
  • Lighting
  • framing and composition
  • sound
  • micro films

Canon 60
Canon t6i
Canon 10-18mm zoom
Rode VideoMic
Joby Tripod
Tascdam DR 100
Diva RingLight

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The FASTEST way to learn camera lenses.

A beginners guide to learning lenses. We explain the fastest ways to pick up the basics with prime lenses or zooms for filmmaking.

Video mentioned
The ULTIMATE introduction to camera lenses for filmmaking

85mm lens
LensBaby Spark  (available)
LensBaby Muze  (they don’t sell mine anymore)

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MASTER camera settings FAST for BETTER VIDEO!

In this video we’re showing you the best camera settings for DSLR video and mirrorless cameras as well as the fastest way to learn them. Using my Canon 60D I walk you through settings to get the best results.

Testing Canon’s ISO noise in Video mode on the 60D

CAnon DSLRS: Some of the best picture profiles out there



by Joakim Karud
by chuki beats

How To Edit on your Phone!

camera settings

So I’ve had a lot of requests for this video. I also have a few friends that primarily use cell phones to edit their content so I thought it was about time to actually make this video.

There are many types of editing applications you can get on your phone. Note: they’re not all created equal! In my experience some work very well, while others can leave you scratching your head confused. I tried PowerDirector, WeVideo and Videoshow. all three of these apps worked quite well for me, I really like PowerDirector the most. A few of the apps I tried had bugs and glitches. I couldn’t even use pocket video.

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How To Get the Film Look

One of the most common goals we filmmakers want to achieve is the ever coveted film look. In this video I get into the nitty-gritty of what it takes to acquire that look.
Here are a few myths we dispell right away
1. Your camera honestly won’t do much. Rellying too heavily on your camera and tech specs is a tremendous over-sight
2. Your gear has no bearing on your ability to achieve this look. Yes, it’s nice to have cool toys to play with but this will not magically produce a cinematic aesthetic.

Yes the video is 30 minutes long! but I really wanted to cover as much as I could to communicate the various aspects involved in achieving the look. In this video I go into detail about different camera settings, like shutter speed, frame rate, and ISO, but he also talks about aspect ratios, audio, lighting, framing and composition, music, and so much more.


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