Get expert feedback on your films and scripts

Darious Britt| Filmmaker and YouTuber


  • Chat with me for an hour

    Ask me anything. We can talk over a video-call about film, YouTube, your goals as a filmmaker, help develop ideas for a possible short or feature. I can take a look at your short film and give feedback.

  • Short Film Feedback ($25 for limited time only)

    I can take a look at one short film and provide feedback on story, execution and pacing. Feedback is given via email. Short must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo.

  • Short Film Script Consulting

    A comprehensive look at your script and a personal one-on-one consultation via video call, addressing all the strengths and weaknesses of the material with potential ideas to fix key problems. Video calls are up to one hour in length. 

  • Feature Film Script Consulting 

    I take a look at your feature script and provide a one-on-one consultation via google hangouts addressing its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll discuss plot, concept, characterization, set-up, structure etc. Video calls are up to one hour in length.