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Darious Britt| Filmmaker and YouTuber


Ask me anything about…

Filmmaking questions?

Bring your filmmaking questions and concerns. We can talk about the technical aspects of film and screenwriting. I can take a look at some of your work.

Starting Youtube?

Starting a youtube channel? I can take a look at your channel, give advice and feedback. we can discuss the technical aspects of navigating youtube’s algorithm and creating a successful channel.

Short Film Feedback?

I can take a look at a short film and give you in depth feedback on story, execution, pacing, cinematography and various technical aspects. Short must be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo.

If the short film is longer than 10 minutes you can email it to me in advance and we can discuss it on the live video-call.

All video chats are handled through google hangouts

Short Film Script Consulting

A comprehensive look at your script and a personal one-on-one consultation via video call, addressing all the strengths and weaknesses of the material with potential ideas to fix key problems. Video calls are up to one hour in length. 

Feature Film Script Consulting 

I take a look at your feature script and provide a one-on-one consultation via google hangouts addressing its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll discuss plot, concept, characterization, set-up, structure etc. Video calls are up to one hour in length.