How To Edit on your Phone!

camera settings

So I’ve had a lot of requests for this video. I also have a few friends that primarily use cell phones to edit their content so I thought it was about time to actually make this video.

There are many types of editing applications you can get on your phone. Note: they’re not all created equal! In my experience some work very well, while others can leave you scratching your head confused. I tried PowerDirector, WeVideo and Videoshow. all three of these apps worked quite well for me, I really like PowerDirector the most. A few of the apps I tried had bugs and glitches. I couldn’t even use pocket video.

the intent of this video is to further drive home my montra, “There are NO EXCUSES.” If you want to make films, the resources are out there. If money is an issue, there are plenty of work arounds. If you can’t afford a subscription fee for Addobe Premiere, then get a free application, or edit on your phone.

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