Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make!

Tips for beginner filmmakers. When you’re starting out as a filmmaker you’ve gotta make some good mistakes inorder to progress. It’s all apart of the process. We cover the top 15 most common filmmaking mistakes beginners make from story, to lighting to editing, composition and more.

Short film mentioned Seafood Tester short

Here’s a written list of all 15 common mistakes from the video:

1 Weak story
2 Undercooked scripts
3 Bad sound
4 Poor casting choices
5 Poor shot composition
6 White walls
7 Poor lighting
8 Unnecessary insert shots
9 Lingering
10 Too many pregnant pauses
11 No blocking (movement)
12 Too much chit chat
13 Action for the sake of action
14 Clichés
15 Generic music

1 thought on “Top 15 Mistakes Beginner Filmmakers Make!”

  1. I’m sure you need no validation, but I think you tips are great and will help me a lot.

    In addition, I think the film “Seafood Tester” is outstanding!!!

    Thank you for sharing your insight and talent.

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